01 January 2008

A New Year

Happy New Year!

We didn't do a whole lot today. I let the girls go outside to skate for a while. We spent a couple hours on the music curriculum, where so and mi were introduced, and the ta ti-ti rhythm was also introduced. We went grocery shopping, stopped at the library and bookstore. We exchanged some books Tiffany got for Christmas, that she already has. She bought some new Magic Treehouse books, and a Disney Fairies book. She's actually read all the Magic Treehouse books now, and is reading the next books in the series, Merlin's Missions. Her Aunt and Uncle gave her two Disney Fairies books for Christmas, which introduced her to that series. Her grandparents gave her a Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book, which she absolutely loves, introducing her to another series. :) As she says, "I'm addicted to reading!"

We signed up for a netflix account, so we're watching more movies lately than we have in a really long time. (which is why we watched Night at the Museum recently) Netflix has an immediate gratification option where you can watch a streaming movie on your PC. The quality isn't very good, but it's not bad for watching movies you don't care a lot about, but might watch anyway. Tonight we watched Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. It was kid friendly, though Katie thought it slow paced. After the first half hour, she commented several times on how long the movie was. I think the introduction was the best with several clips of early flight attempts and plane crashes. (Which all three children laughed through) The movie was set in 1910 London and was about a race from London to Paris in very rickety early model planes. I gave it 3 stars. It was all right, but I probably wouldn't watch it again any time soon.

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