09 January 2008

Dr. Visit

I took Emily to the doctor today. She's more active than she has been, but has developed a cough. We wanted to get her checked out to make sure there wasn't anything more serious going on than a cold. She has an upper respiratory infection. Her lungs are clear. With the cough, that's what I was concerned about. However, both her ears are infected. Her doctor and I decided we would wait before giving her medicine to see if she will clear the infection on her own, or if it gets worse. Now we know what's going on, and what to watch for.

My sister emailed me today to ask about spelling helps. So, besides kidsspell (the link I have on the left), I'm going to add a couple more I've used. If you're interested, please take a look at Discovery Education's Puzzle Maker and a webpage that has a list of spelling game websites.

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