30 March 2008

Two Little Cousins Sittin' in a Tree

My sister came to visit. This was just before her youngest had surgery (which, by the way, he is doing quite well). Anyway, her oldest and my oldest went outside, and I went to check on them. This is where I found them. They looked so cute, I just had to snap a photo.

I just noticed, he's wearing a coat, and she's not even wearing so much as a jacket. It was a pretty chilly day, but that's my daughter for you. She gets to playing and immediately sheds any outer coverings.


I'm about a week late, but I just got around to downloading the pictures off my camera. We had an Easter breakfast the Saturday before Easter at the church, then a ward member talked to the children (specifically to the children, but we were all sitting there) about the meaning of Easter. He included some symbolism about new life and the resurrection. I thought he did quite well. After that, they had an Easter egg hunt. For the youngest kids, the eggs were filled with cereal, animal crackers, and fish crackers instead of candy. I thought that was pretty clever. I got a couple pictures of Emily picking up eggs.
In this one below, Emily saw an egg under the shrubbery, but she couldn't get it without getting poked in the face by the branches, so I got it for her.

28 March 2008


I know the last time I said anything about kiwi, I was talking about the bird. Well this time, I'm going to say something about the plant. For many, many years now, I have wanted to plant kiwi in my yard. You're probably familiar with the fuzzy kiwi you can buy in the store? You would also be correct that you can't grow that kind without a hothouse in Idaho. Fortunately, there are other varieties of kiwi, and some of them are quite hardy, though the fruit isn't near as big. I chose this kind to grow. Not only should it have good fruit, but the male vine is often sold as an ornamental because of it's leaf variegation. It is actually quite difficult to find the female plant, but I finally did, and now both vines are planted in my backyard. I still need to build a trellis, so they are in a temporary spot (Emily's little garden plot).

Makeup Clowns

This was a while back, right after Katie got her hair cut. I thought you might enjoy my little makeup clowns. At least they got the lipstick around their lips and the mascara around their eyes. Notice Emily's hands? She dug all the lipstick out of the tube with her fingers.

21 March 2008

It's Spring!

As of yesterday, it is officially spring! Yeah! I was beginning to think it would never come. We celebrated by going ice skating. Ok, not really celebrating spring there, but we went and had fun. We bought skates and an annual pass, so we can go anytime we want. I'm not really very good on skates, but maybe with practice, it will come, even with me. I even fell down once (with my skates doing really weird things under me), and hurt my leg. I don't think it is serious, but it does ache. I spent most of the time there supporting Emily. She's trying really hard to do it by herself, and she's doing quite well. She takes a few steps, starts to lose balance, corrects her balance, and starts again. She can now do that 3 or 4 times without falling, so she's definitely making some progress.

We did spend a little time outside as well. It was quite nice outside until about 5:30 when clouds rolled in and it sprinkled a little. Tiffany rode her bike a little. I pumped up the rear tire on Katie's bike that was recently given to us. She doesn't know how to ride yet, and I think she's afraid to learn. She used to not be afraid of anything, so this fear thing is pretty new (the last few months). I'm not really sure what to make of it. She does really well when she doesn't let her fear take control.

18 March 2008

School Registration n Stuff

I had thought about writing several times this past week, but I wasn't feeling real well, and I didn't want to sit down and do it. I think the time change has gotten to me. My body clock is still trying to catch up.

Speaking of sleeping. My sister's youngest son has been having some problems. She had him tested last January, and he has been experiencing sleep apnea. So, the poor kid isn't sleeping very well, which has been wreaking all sorts of havoc with his moods and behavior and stuff. He went in for surgery today to have his tonsils removed. This is supposed to cure the problem. All seems to have gone well. He is on a jello diet right now.

Kindergarten registration was this last week. Katie is so excited to go to school. Unfortunately, she has to wait until fall. I think it is a little hard on these children to register them, let them meet the teachers, play in the classrooms, then tell them to come back 6 months later.

Tiffany is also registered for 3rd grade in the fall. She's been doing 3rd grade work all this year, so I'm a little concerned about her being bored "learning" what she already has a grasp on. I talked to the principal about it. In this school they do accelerated reading, which I believe is pretty common. They take a test to determine their reading level, then read books at that level or above, they take short multiple choice tests for comprehension and earn points for what they read. I'm not sure if there's anything more to it than that. The principal said they also do accelerated math. I don't know what that entails, but he said she should still be challenged with it.

03 March 2008

The Kiwi

Tiffany wrote her first report. She did research and learned to sort her information by topic and in an outline. Here's the final draft:


Did you know that kiwis are on stamps in New Zealand? Because people live there too, you know. They have legs for running, burrowing and..... fighting!!! Pam! Pow! You're dead .....just kidding!!! Did you know a kiwi's egg is six (6) times larger than a hens egg even though they're the same size?! If you read ahead you will definitely learn some interesting facts about kiwis!

If you are looking for kiwis, New Zealand's the place for you! The brown kiwi lives in the North Island forests. The Great Spotted Kiwi lives in the South Island mountains. If you ever are going through Kapiti Island, you might see The Little Spotted Kiwi. If you ever go to New Zealand, keep your eyes open to look for kiwis of course!

The kiwi looks very friendly and soft. When you first look at a kiwi, you will probably see it's pear shaped and is the size of a chicken. Its bill is long and flexible with whiskers at the base, to see in the dark (because it's nocturnal!). Its neck and legs are short,but it can still run very fast! A kiwi is very nice to look at!

The kiwi eats a lot of things but they sure are small! They eat yummy things such as: berries, fruit, crayfish, fish and gross things like spiders, worms, and insects. They eat seeds, too! They eat so much you'd think they would never starve!

So far, you can see kiwis are fascinating creatures! They all live in New Zealand in forests on mountains, every were! They are gray and brown and fascinating animals! Like I said before. I hope you had a good time learning. Bye!!!

Picture Update

I added some pictures to some older posts. Here's the list and the links:

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02 March 2008

Spring Weather

The weather has been wonderful the last week (Saturday was a different story, but I'll get to that). We've taken advantage of that some. We still haven't been to the park, but it's on our list of to do in the near future. We all have cabin fever. The spring weather has been doing us a lot of good.

I pumped up the bike (and trailer) tires, and we rode to the library. I never realized how out of shape I am until I tried riding a bike again. Anyway, we spent some time at the library. It was nice to get out and ride a bicycle again. I know I could have done it even in cold weather, but I'm afraid of the cold. ;)

The girls want to plant their gardens. They each have a little plot to do whatever they want in. Part of the reason we did that was to discourage them from digging little holes in the lawn. We still haven't broken them of that habit. Most of what they want to plant, we will have to wait a while on, yet. If we had some pea seeds, I would have let them plant those. As it was, I found some bulbs I somehow forgot to get in the ground last spring, and let them plant them. I helped Tiffany transplant a rose into her garden. I needed the space for a hardy fuchsia I mail ordered. I also ordered two Kolomikta kiwi vines, which is a hardy variety of kiwi I've been wanting to try for forever.

Saturday, a cold front came in. It rained quite a bit, I heard it snowed some, and we got a little hail. I was hoping for another sunny (or mostly sunny) day so we could finally get our compost bin built, but alas, it wasn't to be that day. Instead we spent the day culling a few more things from the kitchen cabinets. Isn't it funny how odd things seem to multiply? We must have gotten rid of a dozen mugs, that our family couldn't possibly ever use, even with guests. So, we made a trip to Deseret Industries to get rid of them, and filled up the rest of the day with odd and end running around. Though, we probably needed to do all that (ok, we really did need to), I would have been much happier to finally get the compost bin made. Maybe next week. Sigh.