18 March 2008

School Registration n Stuff

I had thought about writing several times this past week, but I wasn't feeling real well, and I didn't want to sit down and do it. I think the time change has gotten to me. My body clock is still trying to catch up.

Speaking of sleeping. My sister's youngest son has been having some problems. She had him tested last January, and he has been experiencing sleep apnea. So, the poor kid isn't sleeping very well, which has been wreaking all sorts of havoc with his moods and behavior and stuff. He went in for surgery today to have his tonsils removed. This is supposed to cure the problem. All seems to have gone well. He is on a jello diet right now.

Kindergarten registration was this last week. Katie is so excited to go to school. Unfortunately, she has to wait until fall. I think it is a little hard on these children to register them, let them meet the teachers, play in the classrooms, then tell them to come back 6 months later.

Tiffany is also registered for 3rd grade in the fall. She's been doing 3rd grade work all this year, so I'm a little concerned about her being bored "learning" what she already has a grasp on. I talked to the principal about it. In this school they do accelerated reading, which I believe is pretty common. They take a test to determine their reading level, then read books at that level or above, they take short multiple choice tests for comprehension and earn points for what they read. I'm not sure if there's anything more to it than that. The principal said they also do accelerated math. I don't know what that entails, but he said she should still be challenged with it.

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