21 March 2008

It's Spring!

As of yesterday, it is officially spring! Yeah! I was beginning to think it would never come. We celebrated by going ice skating. Ok, not really celebrating spring there, but we went and had fun. We bought skates and an annual pass, so we can go anytime we want. I'm not really very good on skates, but maybe with practice, it will come, even with me. I even fell down once (with my skates doing really weird things under me), and hurt my leg. I don't think it is serious, but it does ache. I spent most of the time there supporting Emily. She's trying really hard to do it by herself, and she's doing quite well. She takes a few steps, starts to lose balance, corrects her balance, and starts again. She can now do that 3 or 4 times without falling, so she's definitely making some progress.

We did spend a little time outside as well. It was quite nice outside until about 5:30 when clouds rolled in and it sprinkled a little. Tiffany rode her bike a little. I pumped up the rear tire on Katie's bike that was recently given to us. She doesn't know how to ride yet, and I think she's afraid to learn. She used to not be afraid of anything, so this fear thing is pretty new (the last few months). I'm not really sure what to make of it. She does really well when she doesn't let her fear take control.

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