23 April 2013


At last, I can walk barefoot in my bedroom for the first time since we moved (about 10 months ago, we figure). New carpet wasn't cheap but it sure feels great!

15 April 2013

I really have been busy...

Too busy to update the blog. But, here is a little snapshot of what I've been working on. See, our swamp cooler is mounted between 24" roof rafters, but the 20" duct has to come down through the ceiling, which is constructed of joists 16" on center. 20" duct won't fit in 16" space, basic math theory proved by physics. Solution is to cut a hunk out of the offending joist and reinforce the cut area with "headers". The headers are secured with code-approved steel hangers, and the hangers are secured with code-approved fasteners -- ordinary screws are too weak.

I did everything by the book and to code, though this will not be inspected because no permit was required. When it comes to sawing out part of your house, it ain't the place to skimp. Since we have a low-pitch roof, there is no room to stand or even really sit, so I had to do all this on my belly... rolling around in intimate contact with the insulation. No fun. No fun at all. Spent all Saturday afternoon on it. This swamp cooler had better be worth it!

Now that I have a space for the duct, I'm waiting for an HVAC contractor to supply the duct itself so I can install it. Hurry up and wait...