20 August 2011

Saltwater Coral Reef Tank, take 3

Haven't been blogging much, been busy with two things of late: Fallout: New Vegas, and my third reef tank (the other two were torn down years ago). (I'll do a review of Fallout NV later.)

Those of you not familiar with the reefkeeping hobby, skip the following technical jargon and just scroll down to the pretty pictures below.

Dymax IQ3 acrylic tank
Display about 6"L x 6"W x 8"H
Display approx. 1.5g, 1.75g total volume
Custom Cree LED light in 2" x 1"aluminum channel, 2 RB XR-E and 1 CW XM-L, 1000mA dimmable BuckPuck
Dymax Robot LED hacked as rear chamber 'fuge light
Stock Dymax powerhead relocated to left rear chamber
Mini-Jet 404 in right rear chamber
Penn-Plax Silent-Air B11 automatic battery backup air pump, plumbed through partition wall to hide airline
Finnex HMO digital titanium heater, 50W
Azoo digital heater controller
Wal-Mart indoor/outdoor min/max thermometer, probe sealed with superglue
Twin-float switch, twin-relay DIY ATO in Radio Shack enclosure
Two Little Fishies Nano-Mag
Spritz bottle of RO/DI for cleaning acrylic
Kent hydrometer
API Master Saltwater test kit
DIY airline gravel vac

Approx 2.5lb of Live Rock
1/2" of black Petco sand

Blue-leg hermit A.K.A. Mr. Lazy
Astrea snail
Cerith snail
Small orange stomatella
Large white hitchhiker stomatella
Large black hitchhiker stomatella (freakin' awesome)
Two tiny hitchhiker asterina stars
Bunch of hitchhiker brittle stars
Bunch of hitchhiker bristle worms
At least one hitchhiker peanut worm (those guys creep me out! Bristleworms never bothered me)

Green spotted 'shroom
Purple warty 'shroom
Unidentified tentacled green/brown striped 'shroom
Orange riccordia florida
Green riccordia florida (about to split)
Brown palys
Green zoas
Orange zoas
Eagle Eye zoas
Pulsing Xenia
Green Star Polyps
Blue clove polyps
Toadstool leather
Several hitchhiker aiptasias (all nuked with Lye now [I hope])

Carbon (as required, not all the time)
Filter floss (as required, not all the time)

Hikari small fish pellets, 3 per day most days
Coral Frenzy on order

1/2 gallon water change per week w/ IO Reef Crystals
Maintain 1.025SG w/ RO/DI
Maintain 80-82°F (hopefully once I move it to the office, I can reduce this to 78-80°F)

Right side

Left side

Top down

Scale shot with U.S. Quarter:

Blue Cloves

Eagle eye zoas

Green zoas and unindentified tentacled 'shroom

Orange zoas


Riccordia florida

Speckled 'shroom

Warty 'shroom



It's a nice day outside, so I'll explain the hobby in this blog some other time.