02 March 2008

Spring Weather

The weather has been wonderful the last week (Saturday was a different story, but I'll get to that). We've taken advantage of that some. We still haven't been to the park, but it's on our list of to do in the near future. We all have cabin fever. The spring weather has been doing us a lot of good.

I pumped up the bike (and trailer) tires, and we rode to the library. I never realized how out of shape I am until I tried riding a bike again. Anyway, we spent some time at the library. It was nice to get out and ride a bicycle again. I know I could have done it even in cold weather, but I'm afraid of the cold. ;)

The girls want to plant their gardens. They each have a little plot to do whatever they want in. Part of the reason we did that was to discourage them from digging little holes in the lawn. We still haven't broken them of that habit. Most of what they want to plant, we will have to wait a while on, yet. If we had some pea seeds, I would have let them plant those. As it was, I found some bulbs I somehow forgot to get in the ground last spring, and let them plant them. I helped Tiffany transplant a rose into her garden. I needed the space for a hardy fuchsia I mail ordered. I also ordered two Kolomikta kiwi vines, which is a hardy variety of kiwi I've been wanting to try for forever.

Saturday, a cold front came in. It rained quite a bit, I heard it snowed some, and we got a little hail. I was hoping for another sunny (or mostly sunny) day so we could finally get our compost bin built, but alas, it wasn't to be that day. Instead we spent the day culling a few more things from the kitchen cabinets. Isn't it funny how odd things seem to multiply? We must have gotten rid of a dozen mugs, that our family couldn't possibly ever use, even with guests. So, we made a trip to Deseret Industries to get rid of them, and filled up the rest of the day with odd and end running around. Though, we probably needed to do all that (ok, we really did need to), I would have been much happier to finally get the compost bin made. Maybe next week. Sigh.

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