26 February 2008

Last Lesson

Today was the last ice skating lesson for the girls. Honestly, I didn't watch any of it this time. Instead, I was brave and went out on the ice myself. That wasn't really the brave part. I asked for the smallest skates they had, and took Emily out on the ice. She was so excited! She also had a horrible time standing up right. I alternated by holding her hands or under her arms. She alternated by supporting her own weight or making me hold her up. My back and legs got tired really fast. She finally figured out how to march in the skates and started pulling me around. She'd take a few steps and then slip, but I supported her, so we got around for a while that way. After about an hour, she let go of me and tried marching off all on her own. She actually did pretty good. She'd take about ten steps or so before falling. Unfortunately, she started to get tired by that time and became a little cranky. I took her off the ice, which only made her more upset. She twisted out of my arms and marched back to the ice! Eventually, I did have to take her off and make her stay off. She was just too tired and cranky.

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