23 February 2008

Reading With Idaho's First Lady

IDVA gave the children the opportunity to gather at the library to hear Lori Otter, Governor Butch Otter's wife, read a book to them. The book was That's Good, That's Bad. It was an interesting session. She was very good at engaging the children's attention. I think it is a good opportunity for the children to have more of an awareness of government. Although Mrs. Otter herself is not a politician, she is representative of the governorship by virtue of her husband. So, it raises an awareness of the importance of his position to our state. Plus, I believe, it was pretty fun for the kids. The reading was recorded and shown live via the internet to the IDVA children who could not make it to the live reading. It also snowed pretty good that day, making the live turnout a little less than it would have otherwise been.

Sorry, the pictures aren't that great. In case you can't tell, Tiffany is the one in green. Katie didn't want to sit on the floor, and Emily was a very clingy momma's girl that day.

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