04 February 2008

Playing Catch Up

Sometimes I think I concentrate too much on what I think has to get done, that I forget about more important things. On Friday, I took some time to do those things that I feel are very important, but I have been neglecting. I took the time to shovel my elderly neighbors' sidewalks. Then the girls and I went and visited them. I haven't taken the time to do this in a while, because I was too busy making sure Tiffany had school from 9 til 3, then I had to clean house and get dinner ready. They are all things I need to do, but in some ways it is more important to teach children to be aware of people who need our help and take the time to help them.

Another neighbor came out and assisted the girls in making a snowman. We found some little oranges in our refrigerator to use for eyes, Rick (the neighbor) retrieved a carrot from his pantry for a nose. We used pea gravel for the mouth. Rick got an old hat, and we donated a scarf. As you can see, it was a collaborative effort.

Here's Emily eating snow:

In other news, Corwin and I decided to send Tiffany back into the public school system this fall. She'll be in third grade, and Katie will be in kindergarten. That means I'll be home for a few hours of the day with just Emily. I've really enjoyed having all the girls at home. It's been challenging at times, but I think, well worth it.

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