29 January 2008

Misc. Stuff

Emily's beginning to talk more. Up until a couple days ago, she's been saying simple sounds for words. Mmm for milk. Buh for book, Luh for light. Wuh for water. Sunday, she started putting syllables together. She now says buh-buh for bubbles. She's also becoming more verbal, trying out more "words."

Emily is showing some great thought processes. When she knows I'm making dinner, she starts setting the table. The plates are in a low cabinet she can reach. She always notices spiders or moths. She points them out to me fully expecting me to kill them. The other night, there was a spider on the ceiling above the sofa. I told her I couldn't reach. (I also didn't really want to get up and deal with it) Well, she ran into the kitchen and started dragging the step-stool out, so I could reach. Also, when I change her diaper, she grabs the dirty one and puts on my slippers so she can take it out to the garbage outside. She also tries to put away the towels and washcloths as soon as I fold them. Now, I don't expect her to do any of these chores. She's not even two years old, after all. But, she sees us doing them and she makes the connections. I wish my other two were half as excited about doing chores.

Katie hasn't been feeling well. She's been sleeping a lot and running a fever. She slept until about 1pm today. when she woke up she asked for breakfast and ice water. As soon as she had those, she asked if I'd make sugar cookies. I don't know where she got this idea. I don't think I've made sugar cookies in at least two years.

Tiffany had a science lesson about the life cycle of frogs today. In the lesson it was mentioned that frog eggs look a lot like tapioca. She asked what tapioca is. I tried to explain it, but it's hard to imagine if you've never had it before. I bought some tapioca while I was shopping this evening, so she could experience it first hand. Besides, I kind of like tapioca pudding.

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Spectacular Six said...

Payton and Emily sound just alike! It must be a third child thing. Yesturday I got out the pizza pan to make pizza and he just went and got the pizza cutter for me! He may not talk much (actually he's much better now) but he knows EVERYTHING that goes on. What smart little kids we have!