07 January 2008


We followed the schedule again today, but it didn't work as well. When it was time for math, after lunch, Tiffany just puttered around. It took her two hours to do her assignment. It wasn't because it was hard. It was because she didn't want to do it. I made her finish the assignment before we moved on to the last subject, Language Skills. She continued working on her report, taking her notes and writing an outline. That took two hours as well. She kept jumping up to see what Katie was doing. It all made me very frustrated. I told Tiffany that if she would have to work on it it until it was done, even if it took all night. Well, she was done just in time for her dad to get home from work. Even if she did take longer than expected, she finished her subjects.

I made calzones for dinner. I tried to find some frozen at the store last week, but couldn't find anything beyond pizza bites. So, I made them. The recipe for the dough did not turn out well. It was very sticky, so I had to knead a lot of extra flour in. Other than that they turned out well. I learned the technique of keeping them from being soggy as well. The first one didn't turn out well when I put the sauce down first. So this is how it works. Roll out a circle of dough. On half put cheese, meat, then sauce, then veggies, and last, cheese. Fold in half, crimp the edges, then bake. So, the secret is to put the sauce in the middle.

Emily is still ill. She made me hold her all day. She fell asleep several times, but woke every time I put her down.

Tomorrow is the first day for ice skating lessons. The girls are very excited. During her morning break, Tiffany put on her roller skates to skate on the sidewalks. It snowed most of the day, so she didn't really have a place to skate. She skated behind me as I shoveled the snow off our front walk. She said I was going too slow. I told her to turn around and skate the other way. She really is getting much better with them. (Emily walked around in the snow, then finally got tired and cranky before I was really done, and we came in.)

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