20 January 2008

Whacking the Bush

Corwin got really busy. We have a very large English Laurel taking up most of our front yard space. The previous owners planted the thing only a foot from the house. It covered half the front, width-wise and was taller than the house. Last spring, Corwin cut the top off, and we had a very wide bush, that wasn't as tall. The reasoning behind this is that he did not want the plant to overly suffer by cutting it all back. So, he cut off the top. A little sunlight then penetrated the center, and a few leaves grew through the summer. Now he has cut off the sides and front, effectively decreasing it's width by half. If he hadn't topped it last year, the thing would have no leaves at all! Frankly, I like it better much smaller. It's an evergreen, so it adds winter interest. I had been advocating we get rid of the whole thing, because it's too big for our small front yard. However, I can live with it if it doesn't grow too vigorously this spring.

Here's what it looked like before any trimming took place. You can't see the top, but it's well above the roof line.

This is what it looks like now. Don't worry, it'll fill in. It'll fill out as well, which means more trimming. Notice we have windows? I bet you couldn't tell it from the first picture.

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