03 January 2008

A Day at the Library

Yesterday, we got a full day of school in. Tiffany completed all her required subjects for the day. She's officially off winter break, so that was good. I'm pleased she seems to be overcoming her fear of writing. She only objects once now, then buckles down and does her work. I told her I'd read the math assignment ahead of time so I wouldn't read the monologue out of the book. (I usually just skim to see if it's something she can already do) She was a little dismayed that I still used the book as a reference, until I explained I wasn't reading the lesson. So, I'm getting better, too.

Tiffany started, yesterday, to learn how to write a report. The assignment is to write about an animal from a supplied list. She chose the kiwi. We took a trip to the library today where she found several books to check out, and looked it up in the encyclopedia. She has to record her sources, make subtopics, and take notes under those subtopics. That's what she did today. Actually, I wasn't feeling very well, so when we got home, I lied down, and she read the books and took notes. She pretty much worked on only that all day long. I think it is good for her to get excited about it. I hate to make her put something away for another subject just when she gets excited about what she's doing.

As I said, I didn't feel very well. I was feeling very tired and achy. Why is it that when I feel like that, my children run circles around me? They shout and run and fight.

The trip to the library was a bit frustrating for me. I tried to give Tiffany time to take notes from the two encyclopedias we found. I had her sit at a table, while I stood trying to keep an eye on the other two. I would have sat down and read them a story or several, but for two things. I didn't really feel like it, and neither did they. They wouldn't slow down or sit down to listen. They found some "friends". Katie spent a lot of time talking to the librarian and wandering around the children's area. Emily found a little girl to play with. Now, remember, Emily is 20 months old. The little girl who befriended her was about 4. This little girl kept luring Emily behind a bookshelf where she would proceed to cover Emily's nose and mouth with her hand until Emily fought and screamed. She also pinched her and pulled her hair. And Emily would keep following her around. When Tiffany was finally ready to go, Katie had to use the restroom (and I had to help, because they have automatic toilets which my kids are afraid of), and Emily wanted a drink about a hundred times, and they had both removed their shoes. We found some books from the booksale section, so we had to go to the counter to buy them. The line was really long, so I suggested we check out the books at the automated checker then go to the counter to purchase the others. I set Tiffany up, so she could check out the books. Meanwhile, Katie was under the nearby staircase, and Emily was climbing the stairs. Tiffany finished checking out the books. That was when I realized I only had one dollar on me, so we had to put back two of the books (cash only policy). I sent Tiffany through the line with the money, while I suited up the other two, again. I thought about stopping somewhere on the way home for lunch, but after all that, I decided against it. We went home and I heated up frozen corndogs.

Corwin brought home a pizza, which saved me from making dinner. :)

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