21 January 2008

Schedule Update

You're probably wondering how the schedule is working out. Making a strict schedule is probably the best thing I've done with this program yet. It's fantastic! There are a few rough edges that need to be worked out, but Tiffany's getting her work done, and we are finished with school by 3:30, which gives me time to do more of my own chores and have dinner ready on time.

Ok. Here are my rough edges:
1. Around 2:00 we are getting tired. Tiffany starts to go silly, and my nerves start to fry. By this time, we both want a long break.
2. Tiffany says 15 minute breaks aren't long enough. She has trouble finding something to do, then when she finds something there's no time left. She suggested we skip the breaks, but I know she needs them.
3. She wants me to sit beside her while she's doing independent work. This is when I should be doing laundry and my other chores and spending time with the other girls. Sometimes I fold laundry near her, but mainly it's mildly irritating, because she can do it herself, and I have other things to do.

If you have suggestions, please suggest away. :) Other than those items, we're getting along great with the schedule and the school work.

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