15 January 2008

Ice Skating take 2

Both girls started off using gliders. Katie held on tight throughout her lesson. She wouldn't let go even as the teacher asked them to stretch their arms out. Sigh. But she did learn to go backward a little bit. I guess you just wiggle to do it.

Tiffany used the glider for a few minutes, then gained enough confidence to go it alone. She found some other children to skate with while Katie had her lesson.

During her lesson, Tiffany learned to skate backward, to spin, and to balance on one foot. Of course, she still needs a lot of work, but she did very well. There were four children in Tiffany's class this time. I mentioned the other girl before. The remaining two were brothers who also school with IDVA. We had met them once or twice before, so that was nice. They didn't stay for the half hour after the lesson, but maybe they will next week.

Katie absolutely shocked me later on. The last twenty minutes we were there, she cast off the glider and skated on her own. She was making little baby steps, but she was doing it! I was so happy for her!

Neither girl fell down this time. At all. No injuries. What a relief! I'm sure it built their confidence as well.

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