06 February 2008

We've been sick and...

For the past several days, most of us have been pretty sick. Corwin's doing all right, though. I'm really glad he hasn't gotten sick yet. He's been great at taking care of me through it. The worst was Sunday, and he let me sleep most of the day while he took care of the kids. It's Wednesday, and I'm still not feeling quite myself.

So, on to today. I was getting tired of the house going to pot. I got a little energy back, and decided to clean up a bit. I did some laundry. I did the dishes. Katie and Emily then come in to show me some white pasty substance in their hair. I smelled it. Toothpaste. They put toothpaste in their hair. Normally, I'd wonder where this idea came from, but last week Emily put toothpaste in her hair. It seems as Corwin gets ready for work in the morning, he often gives Emily a little hair gel which she rubs in her hair like Daddy. She obviously thought toothpaste looked similar. Now, as to why Katie would do it- and I had no doubt that it was she who instigated this incident- she loves baths and thought I would give her a bath to wash it out. Well, instead of a bath, I had them stand in the tub, where I sprayed their hair with the hand held shower. They didn't like it much, but it got the job done much faster than a bath would have. As we were getting further on in the day, it became obvious that the kids were making messes faster than I could clean. I ordered them to their rooms, so I could clean up in peace. it wasn't long after this that I saw Katie again, insisting that her hair "just fell out." It was obvious that she had given herself a haircut. Later, as I was explaining how I'd have to cut her hair to make it look presentable, Tiffany sat back and snickered. I lost my cool. I don't think I would have so much if I was feeling completely myself, but I was so tired of Tiffany screaming every time I combed her hair. Anyway- to the end of the story. Both girls got haircuts. Tiffany's is now shoulder length. Katie's is "boy short." There was a lot of weeping and wailing going on at our house this evening. Oh, Emily wasn't happy either- she wanted her hair cut.

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Patti Jo said...

My mom and I read your blog today together. We enjoyed reading about your hair mishaps and got a good chuckle. The great thing about things like this is that they are more funny as you retell them and as you look back on them.