18 February 2008

Clogging and Potties

The girls enjoyed watching a clogging competition that their cousin was in on Saturday. You wouldn't think so, as much as they wouldn't sit still, but they are still talking about it. It wasn't really what I expected, having never seen one. Mostly, the children in the competition danced for about 20 seconds each. It wasn't really enough for me to get a feel for it, but I guess it was enough for the judges, and that was what they were there for. I mostly enjoyed watching the team competitions, where they danced together for an entire song. I also liked to watch the a Capella routines because it was interesting to hear their shoes make the music.

In other news, Emily likes to use the potty. If somebody else says they need to go, she starts pulling down her pants, saying "bah, bah." however, it is not always evident that's what she wants to do as she does the same thing for "bath," and if she wants to change "pants." So, after a bit of interpreting, I figure out she wants to sit on the toilet. I usually try to discourage this, because she's never done anything on it, and she wants to sit for a really long time with me right beside her. I'm not really very patient. Of course, I want her to potty train, but really, I don't want it to be any work for me. And she's not even two yet. She has plenty of time. So, she did it again today. Several times. I usually try to pull her off after a few minutes of no results. Of course she protests my efforts. I just want to say that this evening she actually peed in the toilet. She was so proud of herself. But she wanted to poop, too. So, I still had to pull her off, though she didn't protest quite as much. I let her wipe and flush, so she was more satisfied. Later this evening, she did it again. I think she is finally figuring out how to make herself pee. Yeah! At least I won't be quite so impatient with her toilet sitting efforts in the future. And, who knows? Maybe she will potty train herself very soon.

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