28 March 2008


I know the last time I said anything about kiwi, I was talking about the bird. Well this time, I'm going to say something about the plant. For many, many years now, I have wanted to plant kiwi in my yard. You're probably familiar with the fuzzy kiwi you can buy in the store? You would also be correct that you can't grow that kind without a hothouse in Idaho. Fortunately, there are other varieties of kiwi, and some of them are quite hardy, though the fruit isn't near as big. I chose this kind to grow. Not only should it have good fruit, but the male vine is often sold as an ornamental because of it's leaf variegation. It is actually quite difficult to find the female plant, but I finally did, and now both vines are planted in my backyard. I still need to build a trellis, so they are in a temporary spot (Emily's little garden plot).

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amber said...

I didn't know you guys had a blog!!! I saw your comment on Carrians and have loved reading your posts! It's good to see what you all are up to and I love the name changing!!!! Great idea!