03 March 2008

The Kiwi

Tiffany wrote her first report. She did research and learned to sort her information by topic and in an outline. Here's the final draft:


Did you know that kiwis are on stamps in New Zealand? Because people live there too, you know. They have legs for running, burrowing and..... fighting!!! Pam! Pow! You're dead .....just kidding!!! Did you know a kiwi's egg is six (6) times larger than a hens egg even though they're the same size?! If you read ahead you will definitely learn some interesting facts about kiwis!

If you are looking for kiwis, New Zealand's the place for you! The brown kiwi lives in the North Island forests. The Great Spotted Kiwi lives in the South Island mountains. If you ever are going through Kapiti Island, you might see The Little Spotted Kiwi. If you ever go to New Zealand, keep your eyes open to look for kiwis of course!

The kiwi looks very friendly and soft. When you first look at a kiwi, you will probably see it's pear shaped and is the size of a chicken. Its bill is long and flexible with whiskers at the base, to see in the dark (because it's nocturnal!). Its neck and legs are short,but it can still run very fast! A kiwi is very nice to look at!

The kiwi eats a lot of things but they sure are small! They eat yummy things such as: berries, fruit, crayfish, fish and gross things like spiders, worms, and insects. They eat seeds, too! They eat so much you'd think they would never starve!

So far, you can see kiwis are fascinating creatures! They all live in New Zealand in forests on mountains, every were! They are gray and brown and fascinating animals! Like I said before. I hope you had a good time learning. Bye!!!

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