31 December 2007

A Day of Science

Corwin went back to work today. Technically we aren't past the Winter Vacation yet, but I told Tiffany that if Dad was at work she has to be at school. I let her spend the morning calling friends and cousins that were also on holiday. After all, they are usually at school all day anyway.

After lunch, I let her choose a fun subject to get started with. After one science lesson, she didn't want to quit, so she did three hours' worth. I think that was five lessons. She finished the unit on the different kinds of rocks. She made a clay model of limestone turned to marble, by stacking thin slices of different colors and squeezing, rolling, and twisting the clay. Then I cut it half, so she could see the swirls she made.

The next unit is about soil. I put some soil in a bowl, where she picked out the pill bugs and cutworms (I had no idea there were so many living insects in the soil in the winter). Then we filled a jar with the soil and water, shaking it, then letting it settle, so she could see the layers of sand, silt, clay, and humus floating on top.

There were other activities, but those were probably the best of what we did. We finished just in time to cook dinner and attempt to clean up before Corwin walked in. We didn't do a very good job of it, and he had to help motivate the girls before I served dinner.

My brother and his wife invited us over for the evening. Our kids played with their kids, and generally had fun. Of course, they didn't want to leave, but my brother loaded us up with two plates of cookies his wife made- probably because I was nibbling on them through the evening ;) But, she seriously does like to make cookies. :)

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