29 December 2007

Roller Skating

The girls went outside with their skates for the first time today. Actually, it snowed last night. I shoveled the walk this morning, and by early afternoon the sun had melted what was left on the sidewalk. Tiffany and Katie put on their skates and coat then went out. I put my old skates on, too. Because it's easier to help if you can roll, too, right? I couldn't keep mine on for very long, however, since I outgrew them in pregnancy. They pinch my toes pretty tight. I doubt I'll try to squeeze my toes in them again.

Tiffany and Katie actually lasted a couple of hours skating outside. Katie got distracted at last by playing in the slush in the gutter, and eating the snow off the grass. Tiffany got quite good at skating, progressing from the walking shuffle to more of a glide. Katie stayed with the shuffle, but didn't fall down much. Overall, I'm impressed with how quickly they are catching on. I remember falling down a lot when I learned to skate many moons ago. Maybe learning on the sidewalk is actually easier than a skating rink, what with all the extra friction the concrete provides.

We just finished watching Night at the Museum with the girls. It was awesome! Katie jumped a lot and covered her eyes at first, but then she was ok after she figured out it was more fun than scary. Both girls think we should buy it to add to our collection. They loved it!

Corwin took our Christmas tree down today. He put it and several boxes in the attic. Normally, we would wait for New Year before taking the tree down, but it was easier this way what with New Year in the middle of a work week this year. Corwin is planning on working both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. So we'll back to the grind after tomorrow. It was great having him home all week, though!

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