18 December 2007

Kids Spell

Skipping a grade level in language arts is great. Tiffany's reading at her own level now. She's learning the basics of sentence structure and paragraphs.

But there is a drawback. She hasn't done a lot of writing at this point, and she has trouble spelling even the most simple words. 3rd grade language arts has a spelling component, but the words there are way out of her league. I tried guiding her through the first couple of weeks. It was apparent that even if she did the assignments and tried really hard, she just wasn't learning to spell.

So, talking to her teacher (each child is assigned a real teacher in IDVA), we decided to work on more simple spelling words, such as the Dolch 220 sight words. There are plenty of websites that will create wordsearch or crossword puzzles from your own word lists, but so far kids spell is the only one I could find where you could play online games with your own spelling words. Now, some of the games, for some reason won't work with my keyboard, but the ones we can use the mouse for work fine. So, Tiff is finally spelling some new words. I think the real challenge is just getting her to write, then a lot of the spelling will come naturally.

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