19 December 2007

A New Schedule

Yesterday was a horrible school day. Tiffany didn't want to do anything, she whined a lot, and the only thing she got done was to type her composition. I came to the conclusion that part of the problem is that I really need to have a set in stone schedule. It's been more of a hodge podge of how we've been getting through the subjects. I have been giving her a lot of choice in the matter. I made a schedule that she could move the subjects around on, but she hasn't been sticking to it. She wants to do all the fun subjects- art, science, and history, and leave all the necessary subjects like language arts and math until the end of the day where there isn't any time to finish them.

Today I made a real honest to goodness, set in stone schedule. I only put the subjects she has to do everyday on it, leaving lots of room for her to fill in the fun subjects. She did much better today. I did have to run a few errands, though, so she had to do literature after dinner. I feel better that she got through the subjects that she always tries to put off. I'm going to continue with this schedule before tweaking it in any way. Also, I added a morning routine before she has to dive into the books. We now sing two songs (so each girl can pick one) and recite a scripture or Article of Faith. We recited the first Article of Faith this morning, and the second after lunch, because Tiffany liked the morning routine so much. :) So far, my plan is to go through the first four that Tiffany has memorized as a refresher, then spend more time on the others to help her memorize them as well.

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