27 December 2007

The Cabinets are Finished!

I had to make two more runs to the hardware store today. First was for the mdf on the bottom of the drawers. The second was for another piece of 1"x4". I ended up with pine this time since I was too lazy to drive clear down to Home Depot. Instead, I opted for the nearer hardware store, which didn't carry the same stuff. The board was for the backs of two drawers that I had measured too short, so I didn't really care if it matched perfectly. It works.

Here's a picture of the sliders installed:

Even though I measured the width of the drawers a little shorter for the other three drawers, they ended up the same as the first drawer, a little too snug. Corwin sanded the sides down, so they fit better. He did the finish sanding, also. Then we installed them. That was it. It was done.

I filled the drawers up. They don't fit quite as much stuff as the shelf did, but all the stuff is now accessible. Yay!

Only one problem. The cabinets look exactly the same as they always did from the outside. Somehow that is very anti-climatic for me. Without seeing the work that was done, it feels like we didn't accomplish anything. After we were finished, I opened the cabinet doors for a while just so I would feel like we had done something.

Here's a picture of the finished cabinets, closed:
And the finished cabinets, open:

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