22 December 2010

Zen and the art of... tool walls?

One of the impediments to getting the Jetta done was the state of my tools. Oh, they started out organized a few years ago... but as time went on, everything just got thrown into one of two large toolboxes with no regard for... er, with no regard. Thus digging into the bottom of two toolboxes was required to find most things. This was clearly unacceptable for putting a Jetta together in the minimum of time, so one trip to Home Despot and a bit (well, actually, a rather lot) of time later, we have a rough approximation of tool nirvana:

If you noticed the mirror, it's not because I'm vain, honestly -- it's sometimes necessary to see what's going on behind engine blocks or in other nooks and crannies.

I still have stuff in one toolbox, but it's stuff that is only rarely used and it is somewhat organized with lots of little compartments molded in to the plastic lid. I also recycled the tin box one of my socket sets came in -- it now holds crochet hooks. Crochet hooks, it turns out, are handy instruments for, well, hooking on to various automotive bits like seals, boots, and other things and pulling on them. Also for crocheting.

Lemontree also managed to fill 50+ of the little drawers by cleaning out the jars of screws and nails and such.

The garage is still only half done, with a good 7 feet or so of wall to the right of the workbench to be cleared of existing stuff and clad with new shelves, but I think things are well enough organized to proceed with Jetta work for now. At least, until I'm stopped by an incorrect or missing part... which seems to happen with distressing regularity.

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