24 December 2010


I completed one more diameter on my press mandrel -- the shoulder that pushes on the wrist pin bushing in the connecting rod:

Here's what the press looks like:

There's a bottle jack on top, the same type you might use to jack up a car, or that Tom Silva uses on This Old House to lift up walls and ceilings and things. As you extend the jack, it pushes down on the column in the middle, which presses on your part. I'm using a small 2-ton jack instead of the 6-ton jack that came with the press -- the 6-ton was a cheap jack that lasted for about two pressing operations.

Here we are, about to start pressing and hope nothing (like the connecting rod!!) breaks. There's always a bit of apprehension when you're applying, literally, tons of force on things.

No drama, fortunately. Here you can see the old bushing is partially pushed out. My mandrel won't push it all the way out, but it doesn't need to. Once I get the old one on started it's way out, that makes room for the new one to push the old one out as it goes in. Here you can see, from top to bottom, the press ram, my mandrel, the new bushing, the connecting rod, and the old bushing peeking out the bottom:

And there we are, one connecting rod re-bushed, three to go. Also, annoyingly, the new bushings don't come with oil holes (as you can see in the old one), so I'll have to drill them too. But that shouldn't be difficult to do on the drill press.

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