27 December 2010

Lathe got legs

When we built the workbench, we set the height to something that Lemontree would be comfortable with, which put the lathe a bit lower than optimal. Actually, I wanted the lathe up on legs anyway, to make cleaning the chips out from underneath it easier, so it was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Since I had finished the wrist pin bushings (even drilled the oil holes, above) and was waiting for parts and supplies to do the next stage on the Jetta, I sawed, sanded, and drilled some 4x4 left over from the workbench to make legs for the lathe. After drilling the small holes for the bolt threads, I transferred the locations to the bottom for bigger holes for the bolt heads.

I used some tape on the big drill bit to gauge the proper depth for the bolt heads. Came out pretty good!

Fortunately I had an extra-long Allen wrench from working on cars.

Looks like Bigfoot...

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