23 February 2010


As Corwin hinted, this is my post to make.

I bought a motorcycle! It's a bit of a fixer upper. It's also older than I am. It's not very big or very powerful (but then, neither am I-- so it's ok). It will be fun to have a life size project-- and I expect I'll learn quite a bit in the process. Corwin gets to help me figure out the wiring and stuff I'm unfamiliar with, but I'll be doing the work. It runs on a 6 volt battery (which is where his random post and strong hint for me to blog came from). It's a 1972 Honda CL100, and here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.


Woggsy said...

Hi Treshia,

I hope the spelling is correct, pam told me.

Nice bike history, I am sure you are enjoying the rebuild, although you might find it a little underpowered once you get to ride it.
I currently have a Honda CBF1000, 4 years old, good condition and nice to ride.

Do you just have the CL100 at the moment or are you hiding any others?

From Kevin, in Cheddington, UK - Pam's husband.

lemontree said...

That's my only (first) bike. I wanted something very small and lightweight to learn on, I may outgrow it soon, and that's ok. The plan is to pass it on to our oldest daughter to learn on as she comes of age.

However, the husband has his bike. You might enjoy these posts that he made:
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It's gone.

lemontree said...

A fix on the broken link:
Getting to know you

pamelac858 said...


I hope you know that I now have to live up to your skills re: motorcycles. LOL My husband is impressed, as you can tell. The only thing he's as crazy about as motorcycles is soccer. He's such a GUY! LOL
Keep up the good work!
Cousin Pam