25 August 2009

Getting to know you

I got the new bike (maybe I should name this thing?) registered this morning and took the scenic route home from work, turning a 15-minute trip into an-hour-and-15. It's much smoother than the old one; both use the same engine layout (180° parallel twin) but the new one is counterbalanced and runs like butter by comparison. In fact, it almost seems like a toy bike when your fillings aren't rattling loose. ;)

I was a little bothered by a raspy sound that I kept hearing, though. When I finally got home and shut the engine off, the raspy sound continued! Come to find out there's a cute little electric radiator fan that keeps the engine cool when the bike isn't moving.

I've got to do something about these mirrors, though. They give me a really nice view... of my arms. I guess even a new bike still requires work projects. Sigh.

My first modification was to remove the dorky lower fairing, it's so 90's. I think it looks much better without it, and so far everyone who's seen it agrees:

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