09 April 2008

Sewing projects

A while ago, I made some quilted throw pillow covers for the throw pillows on the sofa. They were boats. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them. Corwin liked them. They were getting kind of dingy, so I threw them in the washer. They fell apart. So, we didn't use the throw pillows for a while. Well, Corwin got tired of not having pillows on the sofa, so he prodded me into making more covers. There are four pillows in all. I went quite easy on myself, and using leftover material, made some new ones. I double stitched the seams this time, so the material shouldn't unravel. I plan to make another, different, set so I can wash them every so often.

Corwin snapped the pictures. He thought I might like to blog about it. How could I disappoint him?

A few days later, I did this next project. To explain, the girls were complaining of cold feet while we were ice skating. I thought some skate covers might help, so while at walmart, the girls each picked a color of fleece. I bought twelve inches of each of their chosen colors. Then, I made covers for their skates. It was kind of a guess as to how much material to cut for them and the exact shapes. I think I did much better with Katie's (yellow) than Tiffany's. I also made blade covers, which were super easy, to protect the blades in storage, so they don't hit against each other. I thought I would have to use elastic, but I didn't after all. I think the covers helped warm their feet. Instead of complaints after 20 minutes of skating, they went about 45 without complaining. In case your wondering how they get the covers on the skates, they put the covers on their legs first, put on the skates, then slide the covers down. The covers stay on while skating pretty well, but do come off the toes every once in a while. I thought about putting a strap underneath with velcro, but I'm afraid it might come off while skating, so I don't think I will do anything else to them.


Amber said...

I forgot how crafty you were! Maybe you should sell those skate covers at at craft fair or something. Seriously, I would buy a pair if my girl's could skate!!!

Spectacular Six said...

Very clever skate covers! Don't you just love fleece? It's so soft and just stretchy enough to do things like that.