07 April 2008

Emily's trying to grow up too fast!

I dedicate this post to my almost-two-year-old, Emily. Emily thinks she can do whatever anybody else can do. I can't seem to convince her otherwise.

This morning, I was rousted out of bed by Corwin shouting, "Emily's trying to burn down the house!" It seems our dear little Emily was trying to make herself some toast. She can get the step stool out by herself and unfold it (it's a two step thingy that I keep folded up, slipped in beside the fridge). She then drags it to the counter, climbs up onto the counter, gets the bread out of the breadbox, puts a slice in the toaster, and pushes the plunger. She probably would have done a fine job had her daddy not stopped her. I find his melodramatics a little amusing, but even though Emily can do it, she needs supervision for quite some time still. Just try to get her to believe that.

Emily has also tried to use the microwave. Lucky for us there is a child safety lock on it.

A couple days ago, I found her in my bedroom putting my deodorant on her armpits.

A few minutes ago, I heard her in her bedroom saying, "down." I went in thinking she had climbed to the top bunk again. Instead, she was standing on the stack of two plastic totes I keep in the closet (for clothes the kids grow out of). She was trying to get a shirt off a hanger. She already had the pants down (I try to keep matching (or semi-matching) outfits on a hanger together. Of course this doesn't work for Katie who mixes them up anyway). I helped Emily get her shirt down, then I lifted her down. I gave her the clothes, because she likes to dress herself.

Emily still doesn't understand why she doesn't have her own ice skates, but she loves it when I get her a pair of rentals. She carries them herself to the benches to have me put them on her. She actually does better on the ice than Katie does. Mostly because she doesn't exhibit those fear tendencies so much yet.

Yesterday, I went out with the girls so they could ride their bikes. My brother brought one for Katie a week or so ago. She has been too scared to try it, so a couple days ago, he brought some training wheels for her. She's still really timid with it. They put their helmets on, and Tiffany rode around the court. Katie timidly tried her bike, but seemed much more content to just get off and push it. Not to be left out, Emily went and got her helmet out of the bike trailer, and got me to fasten it on her. Then she found an extra bike of Tiffany's and tried to pick it up. She wanted so bad to get on it and ride. So, I picked up the bike and put her on the seat. She held the handlebars. I put my hands on hers and pushed her around on it.

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