31 October 2013

Chicken door, and separately, lipo charger

Here's the bottom of the chicken door board before the tape is applied. The solder-side tracks are wires harvested from Cat5 Ethernet cable.

On another note, I bought a cheap little Lipo charger and a cheap little Lipo cell to make a 6-legged insectiod walking robot similar to this: http://www.pololu.com/docs/0J42/all (be sure to watch the video, it's cute). The Lipo is smaller, lighter, and cheaper than the NiMH pack Pololu used, though slightly more prone to burst into flames so I shall need to add a voltage monitor circuit to ensure I don't over-discharge it.

The charger had the wrong connector, so I desoldered it, and unfortunately, ripped off the positive voltage track in the process. No matter, a bit more Cat5 wire replaced it. Now I have a standard male header I can connect to the battery to charge it.

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