16 October 2012

Less like camping

You never realize how nice it is to wake up to a warm house, until you've woken up to a 60°F house every morning for three weeks straight. Actually, that's not so bad -- it's the temperature delta stepping out of the 110°F shower that really wakes you up.

Our new furnace is finally in. It's so shiny!

...especially compared to the old rusting junk bucket that had puked condensate all over itself.

You may have noticed it's also a magic furnace because the gas is not hooked up to it. Actually, the new gas line still has to be inspected so the furnace is running off the old line temporarily. We should switch to the new gas line next week when the roofers come and move the water heater chimney from the old water heater (in the house) to the new water heater (in the garage) that will run off the new gas line. Yes, it's complicated.

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