18 October 2011

Reef tank update

Moved the tank to it's final destination last week, my desk at work.

This is a closeup of the toadstool leather up top. There's a lot of detail in these guys that's hard to see without magnification.

The toadstool has also changed shape, it's stem is taller but the top is flatter.

Added a striped mushroom. These are one of my favorite corals, even though they are a "beginner" coral because they're hard to kill. Still look awesome.

If you scroll back to the old post and look at the warty mushroom, then look at this shot, you can see it's way bigger and way greener. It's tentacles have not only gotten longer, they have started to branch -- very cool. Most of the other corals have started to fill in too, especially the Green Star Polyps, blue cloves, and green zoanthids.

Also, if you look in the red circle, I have a baby! The spotted mushroom on the left is the parent. Over the course of about 3 days, it walked along the rock about 3/4" away and as it did, it tore off a piece of it's foot and left it behind. Over the last month or so, the piece has gone from a little blob to a bigger mushroom-shape and even has two stripes and some bumps like it's parent. Aw, so cute!

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