11 June 2011

Fortress becoming Awesomer

I finished up a couple of odds and ends on the Jetta so I can take it to a shop to get an exhaust system installed next week (right now it has none, so the exhaust just comes out the engine compartment. Open pipe turbo sounds neat though! Screams like a jet engine.) That done, I started on the final leg of the Fortress's construction.

I hung some standards, screwing them into studs...

Then attached brackets and snapped wire shelves on. The shelves serve two purposes, and only one of them is to store things:

I've suspended a second shop light from the shelves to provide better light for drilling and reloading. Then, to power the drill press and the new shop light,

It's hard to tell on a cell phone pic, but there are four screws and two zip ties holding the power strip on. I think zip ties are the new duct tape! Anyway, I didn't want this on the work bench, space there is precious because the work surface is so shallow. Underneath is slightly less convenient but works fine.

Look what I can do now!! My baby won't get rained on any more. :)

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