12 May 2010

It's aliiive!

"We can do it. We have the technology. We can build it better than it was before..."

Well there it is. Aside from polishing the engine, it's DONE! Everything we've done:
  • De-rusted and painted frame
  • De-rusted and painted bracketry (airbox, battery tray, taillight assembly)
  • Added blanking plate to close up ugly taillight opening
  • Replaced shocks and forks
  • Painted and modified CB100 side covers to fit this CL100
  • De-rusted and painted tank
  • Painted exhaust and polished heat shield
  • De-rusted and polished fenders and chain guard
  • Recovered seat
  • Cleaned the carb
  • Lubed and adjusted all operating cables
  • Replaced front tire
  • Added turn signals, including XOR relays for front running lights and rear triple brake lights.
  • Added 7.5V Zener diode to help prevent overcharging the battery
  • Replaced rubber centerstand stop to keep the chain (!) from hitting it
  • Helicoiled stripped mirror mount and added mirrors
  • Added a proper Honda tool kit to hidden compartment
I took it for a little spin to cure the paint we put on the exhaust, and it's such a ton of fun to ride! I think Lemontree's going to love it! :)

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