15 October 2009

I had the opportunity today to work at the church cannery. It was a hassle to arrange for a babysitter. I also knew it would be hard work. Every time I've worked at the cannery, I have come home sore. In short, I was not looking forward to this assignment.

Canning pears was the order of the day. My job was to pick up the washed pears and place them upside down in little cones which had fingers that would grab them and insert them on a rod where they would be peeled, cored and sliced. There were three other people working with me on this job. I was at the end of the line and sometimes I had to wait for the pears to come my way. Other times I had to too many and had to make sure the conveyor belt didn't get jammed up with pears, because then they would skip out over the top and onto the floor. When a whole pear got in with the cut ones (because one of us dropped a slippery pear), a person down below in the next phase of the assembly line would throw them up to me.

Even though I didn't really want to go to the cannery today, I had fun. I got to play catch, and I got to race the machine. Both of which were enjoyable. I came home sore and tired, but it was a good day.


Patti Jo said...

It is hard working at the cannery. The hardest part for me is arranging the babysitter. The work is usually dirty or sticky and you are on your feet the whole time.

That being said, I always enjoy that work. I think I get like a service high or something. I also enjoy the break from everyday.

Spectacular Six said...

Ever see the I Love Lucy episode where she works in a candy factory? At least you didn't try to eat the ones you were behind on....