18 March 2009

Sack lunches III

Just one more comment on sack lunches, because I thought you might be curious. Tiffany likes the cute lunchboxes. They really didn't improve her problem much, though. The biggest problem is that what she eats is unfamiliar to the other kids, so they tell her it looks like puke (or whatever). She usually takes it in stride, but there are days it really bothers her. Her new strategy is to think up gross names for her food before her friends do. So she eats monkey brains, owl pellets, and alien blood. Right now she thinks it's fun. This morning she told me some of her friends actually tried her owl pellets and (surprise!) really liked them. She packed a few extra to share today. So far, this is a better strategy for her. Click here for the recipe for owl pellets.


Amber said...

It is funny to me that as moms we try to fix every problem and come up w/ a million suggestions to do so, when our kids hold some of the most brilliant solutions themselves. She is a wise kid (unless of course naming the food was your idea, in which case You are brilliant!). Anyway, I am glad she has found a solution that is at least helping!

Debbie and Boys said...

You know, my kids eat pretty healthy and some people make a fuss when they see it...I tell them to hush it, cause I don't want them to know its "different to eat broccoli or kale". We discuss it though. We talk about these things at the table...this celery helps keep our tummy clean inside...then they laugh that our tummies are dirty, but you get the drift.
What I'm saying is "Suggest that she be completely honest with them" Help her to know how to explain how she's taking care of her body by putting healthy food in it-Alive (fresh) food not dead (cooked/preserved)cause she wants to live not die-kind of an explanation.
Hope this helps.